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Meet Our Corporate Officer

Mike Waggoner, CIC, President & Treasurer

After graduating from Sinclair Community College with an associate’s degree in business and marketing in 1970, Mike began his career in insurance selling and Servicing policies with his father. Mike’s father established the agency in 1945 and was an active member until his retirement in 1972. at this time, Mike took over operations for the agency. In 1974, seven (7) agencies merged to form the Dayton Associated Insurance Agency.

Specializing in Risk Management Solutions

Throughout Southwest Ohio, Dayton Associated Insurance Agency has become the premier provider of Risk Management Solutions for individuals with substantial assets. Our team has developed relationships with many of the Nations most respected and financially secure insurance providers, enabling us to tailor a coverage plan that meets your specific needs.

We address both asset protection and liability exposure, providing real world Solutions that afford security against a variety of litigious contingencies. As your needs change, Dayton’s flexible plans evolve and adapt, ensuring you’re your needs are continually met today and tomorrow.

Our Risk Management Solutions include:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Commercial / Business Insurance
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Special event insurance

A Message from Our President

I began my career selling insurance with my father in the early 70s, back when we still used enormous rate manuals to provide quotes. This was an agency my father had opened in 1945. From the time he started the agency until the time I joined him, the insurance industry underwent many changes. However, those changes seem minuscule compared to the way technology has advanced over the past 30 years. It’s literally transformed the way we do business. We’ve come a long way, and while most changes have made a positive impact, some haven’t been quite as welcome. It seems that personal service is harder and harder to find. While Dayton Associated has embraced technologies that enable us to increase our efficiency, we’ve never used it to replace personal service. It still takes people to develop relationships, earn trust and treat you like an individual instead of an account. Treating people like family is the way my father did business, and that’s a tradition I’m proud to continue today.

Mike Waggoner
President, Dayton Associated Insurance Agency

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